About Us

Technology Solutions Provider and Investor


The Company

BDB Companies is a technology innovator and investor.  We focus our efforts on micro-location and place awareness technology that allows the user to interact with the web and the internet of things.  Our passion revolves around the growing technology surrounding Bluetooth Low Energy, Meshed Networks, and the connection of users and machines to the Internet of Things.  We are developers of micro-location place awareness technology.  This technology can be integrated into commercial, residential, and government applications.  We have several business lines including:

  • Hardware development

  • Software Development

  • Technology Integration

  • Consulting Services

Our Founder

Brian Buchanan is the founder of the company.  Brian gets his technology passion from his work in the government transportation sector, most notably the public transit arena.  Here he has had an opportunity to see the benefits and shortcomings of technology in the mass user environment.  He believes that technology and customer engagement is key to the success of any company today including the public sector.  He has followed his technology passion through the years and continues to help develop and promote cutting edge technology that will interact with users and provide real time data and react to the data through connection to the Internet of Things.